Let’s move
Goodbye to this place, that we grew attached to
Let’s move
Now to a higher place

– “MOVE” by BTS

I finally made the move to another, better, webhost. You may now keep up with me (hopefully, better) at Jeffer’s Odyssey.


SoKor 2015: Gwanghamun Square

You know what’s better than visiting one place for the first time? Revisiting it. You get a new perspective, and an affirmation on the first impression that you had when you first laid eyes on it. So it was with no regrets that I visited Gwanghamun Square for the second time.

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FF#3: My One OK Rock Experience, (REALLY!) Live in Manila 2016

I always had a grudging respect for fans who take matters into their own hands and “stalk” the celebs they “fan”. My first thought was, “da*n, these people sure have a lot of time on their hands”, followed by “I can’t really picture myself doing the same”. Well… I guess there’s a first time for everything.

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SoKor 2015: Cheonggyecheon

Finally getting around to writing up posts on the trip I made to Seoul last November with my buddy Lorie, and I’m starting things out slow and relaxed, and nothing could be more relaxing than a stream, right? I certainly had a bit of that vibe when we took a quick peek at Cheonggyecheon right before we headed towards Gyeongbukgong Palace.

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How Filipinos Can Get a Tourist Visa to South Korea (updated)

This is not, in any way, an “official” write-up on how to get a Tourist Visa for South Korea. It’s just me relaying my experience (since we all know that Filipinos generally don’t have the easiest time when it comes to getting these types of documents).  Basically, I looked into this issue online, reading lots of helpful blogs and browsing through forums and, of course, referring to the official website of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Republic of the Philippines.

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The Adivay of the 13 Municipalities of Benguet (updated 01.07.16)

(Note: This was originally posted on November 17, 2014, Edits and updates will be continually made, as they come, for everyone’s reference.)

I thought it only fitting that I write something about the Adivay, which is the celebration of the anniversary of the province of Benguet. Every November, she turns a year older, and Adivay is “hotter” than ever.

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Tacadang Travel Challenge Pt. 3…in Tacadang, Kibungan, Benguet

Its the year of the Monkey, so are y’all ready to go ape?! Happy New Year, all~ How’d you ring in 2016? Mine was… uneventful, which means restful… which is a good thing, because if there’s one thing I would like to happen in the coming year, it is for me to have plenty of rest in between adventures. *crosses fingers* The last post I did was Part 2 of this Travel Challenge, and it also happened to be the 200th post I’ve made in this blog. Wow. 200. I hope I’ll be able to do 200 more. 🙂 Travel gods and fairies, be nice to me~

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