JapanEats: Nakau (Tennoji)

There is a downside to finding yourself with a little bit of free time on your hands: you don’t know what to do with it, and yet you can think of so many things you want to do but, for some reason, you can’t. So you end up doing what you did not really intend on doing. (Did that make sense so far?) Take right now, for example. Weather’s foul outside, I am in between writing projects, and there’s a bit of a window where I can opt to not work. So I clean up my hard drive, and stumble upon photos that I forgot existed. Like these ones taken of the fastfood/restaurant, NAKAU in Osaka.

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Osaka, Japan 2014: Mata ne, Osaka!

Ah, Osaka. For a non-Japanese like me, it invokes many random things. Okonomiyaki. Universal Studios Japan. (Now) Harry Potter in Japan. Kanjani8. (Haha!) But after this trip, it has become yet another one of those “places I want to go back to”. Because there are just sooooo many other places that are worth checking out, but I couldn’t because of the lack of time.

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Osaka 2014: Osaka Castle Part 2

I thought I could “take up” the Osaka Castle in one post; turns out I was (gleefully) wrong. Trips to places like these always remind me how, when I was younger, I was such a sucker for history. Somewhere along the way, that kinda left me. But being reminded in spurts – and major spurts, too! – isn’t such a bad thing, though, because it makes me remember parts of myself I once thought were long forgotten. After wandering around a bit outside, it’s time to step inside the Main Tower of the Osaka Castle.

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Osaka 2014: Osaka Castle Part 1

One would easily realize how much they have been “duped” by fairy tales when their only concept of castles and palaces involve towering turrets where princesses are locked up, doing nothing but wait for a prince to rescue them. Welcome to the East, my friends. Castles aren’t all about that; but, right here, they are all THAT. (I wish that made sense for you, because it totally did for me.) For this entry, let me take you a bit around (outside) the imposing but highly impressive main keep of the Osaka Castle or, if we’re going to be really Japanese about it, Osaka-jo.

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Osaka, Japan 2014: Osaka Castle Park

I’ve always thought that taking walks in a park is possibly one of the more boring ways to spend time. In short, it’s a waste of time. Until recently, when I realized that it could be one of the most relaxing things one can do. A sign of old age? Or just enlightenment coming in a bit late? But then again, perhaps it has a lot to do with the kind of park you’re going to walk around in. Osaka Castle Park, or what little we’ve seen of it in the hour that we were able to walk around it, for example, would be one place where the word “boring” would never have a place in.

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Osaka, Japan 2014: Minoh Park

I’m back from a 4-day sojourn in beautiful Coron! Still recovering, actually. My first day back at work was spent mostly in a daze because I just wanted to go and curl off to sleep. 🙂 I haven’t even downloaded all the photos I’ve taken from my camera! Still in denial, I suppose. Before I do, however, I have to clear some things off my long backlog for this blog, and one of them is about my visit to Minoh Park, which I consider to be one of the highlights of my Osaka stop.

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Osaka, Japan 2014: Shitennoji Temple

Osaka had soooo many interesting places worth checking out, but we had soooooo little time to spend here, so we had to just go for the choicest ones. And by “choicest”, I meant the ones that are closer and would not take so much time to get to. And we also had to make sure that we visited the first Buddhist temple, and the oldest administered (state-built) temple in Japan, the Shitennoji Temple.

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