HK ’11: Madame Tussaud’s & Wrapping Up Hong Kong

Growing up, my perception of “family trips” involved going to my folks’ hometown and visiting the grandparents. That’s it. We were never big on family outings, or hitting the beach, or even going out on picnics. So this trip to Hong Kong, with me and my parents (and Aunt in tow) is, to say the least, one for the books. It’s also something I look forward to repeating soon, real soon.

Remember in my¬†Victoria Peak post where I mentioned about camera battery draining, with the spare battery left at the hotel? So I had to make do with my phone’s less-than-stellar camera to take whatever pix I can when we went down to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum? I forgot to mention that, at the time, my camera’s battery was also slowly draining, no thanks to the cold weather. Ya feel my predicament?

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HK ’11: Scaling The Peak

One thing I learned in our jaunt to this particular place: having a spare battery for your camera is no good at all if YOU LEFT IT BEHIND AT THE HOTEL ANYWAY. So imagine me squeezing the remaining battery life of my camera to the very end until it died completely after I took a couple of shots from the Peak. (And then relying on my poor-quality phone camera for photos inside Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. *wryyyyy*)

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