Bauko, Mt. Province Pt 4: Pre-Begnas Activity Photodiary

This is actually an excuse to draw out my reminiscence of this experience (which I previously talked about here, here, and here) and to post some more pictures, haha! You see, I get a kick of going back to my blog entries at least six months after they have been posted, and I would like to reopen this post this September and relive it all over again.
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Bauko, Mt. Province Pt 3: In and Around Bauko

Fact: Filipinos are more familiar with the name “Sagada” than “Mountain Province”. But, just as Benguet is more than Mt. Pulag and “La Presa“, Mountain Province still has a lot to offer. Considering the fact that this province has 10 municipalities, it is clear that Sagada isn’t the only “ace” around here.
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Bauko, Mt. Province Pt 2: Mt. Polis, A View Deck in the Sky

Whoever said that one mountain is just like any other clearly does not know what he’s talking about. Or hasn’t gone to more than one mountain. Simple as that. I love how, despite experiencing something that is seemingly ordinary, we are still somehow given a surprise. It’s like the Creator is telling us, “So you think you’ve seen everything, huh? You think you’ve experienced the best and the finest. Well, I have a lot of aces up my sleeves to show you yet.” To which, I could only say, “that is one looooong sleeve you got there. BRING IT.” One of those aces, it turns out, is called Mt. Polis.
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