Vulcaneering at Mt. Bulusan Pt 3: The Blackbird Crater Lake

While others were partying it up a la LaBoracay, we were also partying it up a la Mt. Bulusan. We woke up at half past 3 because we wanted to start the summit assault (I think “crater assault” is the more apt term) early, with the goal of being at the summit to witness the sunrise. Well, that was the plan. Rain happened.

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Vulcaneering at Mt. Bulusan Pt 2: Lake Aguingay to Lights Out

This post is going to be short but sweet. You see, in just a few hours, I will be seeing G-Dragon, TOP, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri perform live yet again. It’s the second time I’m seeing them, after their ALIVE Tour in Manila a couple of years back, and the moment I heard their MADE tour is going to have a Manila leg, it was a no-brainer. I had to go. Sometimes, you have to feed the fangirl in you. You know, to make sure she stays fun. (Haha!) But that’s not what this post’s all about. This is about our short sojourn at Lake Aguingay, which was pretty close to our campsite. (Check out Part 1 of this vulcaneering adventure here.)

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Vulcaneering at Mt. Bulusan Pt 1: From Bulusan Lake To Camp

As early as the end of January, plans have already been made for us to go on a climb to Mt. Bulusan in Irosin, Sorsogon during the Holy Week on the first week of April. Calendars have been marked, leaves of absences from work have been initially filed, bus tickets have been booked… Holy Week came around, and Typhoon Maysak loomed, with all forecasts saying that the region where Mt. Bulusan is located will get the brunt of the typhoon. (So we moved things around a bit and decided to head up north, instead, to Batad. I chronicled that trip in these posts.) We then moved our Mt. Bulusan adventure to Labor Day weekend.

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