Vulcaneering at Mt. Bulusan Pt 3: The Blackbird Crater Lake

While others were partying it up a la LaBoracay, we were also partying it up a la Mt. Bulusan. We woke up at half past 3 because we wanted to start the summit assault (I think “crater assault” is the more apt term) early, with the goal of being at the summit to witness the sunrise. Well, that was the plan. Rain happened.

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3 comments on “Vulcaneering at Mt. Bulusan Pt 3: The Blackbird Crater Lake

  1. Whoa! Two hours or so later for the nearest hot spring, you guys have very strong constitution,. 😀 The last hike I told you about last year in Forestry under the damp August weather, when I was heading from home, I was starting to show signs of hypothermia, good thing I was only a block a way from our house that I managed to jog quickly, get hot water running and have jumbo-sized tea drink.

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    • Haha! We’re used to it by now. In fact, I noticed that if we go more than 2 or 3 months without any hiking activity, we’re already restless and ready to climb the walls. Hiking’s the best way to build up your endurance, IMO.

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