J-Drama Review: Border (JPN, 2014)

When I went on Twitter and asked for recommendations of a jdrama that will relight that torch I always had for the genre, there were a lot of recs that came my way. One of them is TV Asahi’s Border.

I picked up Border after Bitter Blood (which I wrote a recap-slash-review of here) for two reasons: first, it came recommended by a friend WHO KNOWS her jdramas, and second, it has Oguri Shun in it. And, all right, I already have a soft spot for Aoki Munetaka after his memorable turn as Sanosuke Sagara in the Rurouni Kenshin live-action film series.

And the third reason is the storyline: a cop that can see dead people. This ought to be interesting.

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J-Drama Review: Bitter Blood (JPN, 2014)

I had a long dry spell with respect to Japanese dramas, or “jdoramas”, as we fondly call them. It is only now that I am starting to ease back into it and, to quench my jdorama thirst, I decided to rekindle the flame with “Bitter Blood”, or “Partners by Blood”, starring Sato Takeru and Atsuro Watabe.

And I am shamelessly admitting to the fact that 80% of the reason I picked this up was because I was having major Sato-Takeru-as-Himura-Kenshin withdrawal symptoms. The other 20%… well, because friends recommended it, and it was easily accessible/downloadable.

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