Tacadang Travel Challenge Pt. 3…in Tacadang, Kibungan, Benguet

Its the year of the Monkey, so are y’all ready to go ape?! Happy New Year, all~ How’d you ring in 2016? Mine was… uneventful, which means restful… which is a good thing, because if there’s one thing I would like to happen in the coming year, it is for me to have plenty of rest in between adventures. *crosses fingers* The last post I did was Part 2 of this Travel Challenge, and it also happened to be the 200th post I’ve made in this blog. Wow. 200. I hope I’ll be able to do 200 more. 🙂 Travel gods and fairies, be nice to me~

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Tacadang Travel Challenge Pt. 2…in Tacadang, Kibungan, Benguet

That one time in the year where we are allowed to be contemplative is here again: the coming of the New Year. For those who are still into making New Year resolutions, I say, “good for you”. For those who, like me, have stopped, and just relied on hoping for the best (haha!), I say, “yaaay for us!” But no, really, if you’re going to make plans for change, this is the best time for it. For me, personally, though, I’m just glad to be able to look forward to 2016. And continuing this series of posts on the Tacadang Travel Challenge.

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Tacadang Travel Challenge Pt. 1…in Tacadang, Kibungan, Benguet

Christmas Day has passed, everyone! How did you spend it? I hope you had a good and meaningful Christmas, with the people who matter. I had a restful one, thank you for asking, and with the family, too, so all’s well! And it looks like this blog, too, had a bit of a rest period. And before the year is over, imma shake it up a bit! This time, with a series of posts about my last major climb/trek for 2015, in Tacadang, Kibungan.

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