Cebu: Three Staples

From the many blogs that I’ve read by Cebu-based bloggers, it is clear that Cebu has a lot to offer, many of them still pretty much obscure and relatively unexploited-slash-undiscovered. But for us Cebu non-experts, there are certain things that we instantly associate with the place. “Queen City of the South”. Spanish-era churches. Excellent singers. Dried mangoes.

Magellan’s Cross. Shamrock. Danggit. These three are what this post is all about.

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Cebu: The Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod

I suck at remembering dates, so don’t think I memorized when Pedro Calungsod, the 2nd Filipino saint (after St. Lorenzo Ruiz) was born. It was 360 years ago to this day, on July 21, 1654, when his story began. I thought it fitting, then, to post about this small place, the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod, dedicated to him in Cebu. (Check out his official website here, and read about his life here.)

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