Japan 2014: Mata ne, Kyoto!

It’s time to wrap up my blogging spree on the glorious city that is Kyoto. It’s also an excuse to take a break from going through the tons of photos I took from my recent trip to South Korea. 🙂 In a nutshell, Kyoto is one of those places that can frustrate you. Because you thought you saw a lot of it already, only to realize you haven’t even scratched the surface. I tell ya, that type of frustration is something that makes me wish I can hop on the next available flight and go there again.

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Bauko, Mt. Province Pt 4: Pre-Begnas Activity Photodiary

This is actually an excuse to draw out my reminiscence of this experience (which I previously talked about here, here, and here) and to post some more pictures, haha! You see, I get a kick of going back to my blog entries at least six months after they have been posted, and I would like to reopen this post this September and relive it all over again.
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Osaka, Japan 2014: Mata ne, Osaka!

Ah, Osaka. For a non-Japanese like me, it invokes many random things. Okonomiyaki. Universal Studios Japan. (Now) Harry Potter in Japan. Kanjani8. (Haha!) But after this trip, it has become yet another one of those “places I want to go back to”. Because there are just sooooo many other places that are worth checking out, but I couldn’t because of the lack of time.

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Tokyo, Japan 2014: Mata ne, Tokyo!

After four times of saying “Ohayou, Tokyo!” out loud, I had to say “Mata ne, Tokyo!” on morning of November 28 as I took the first shinkansen trip from Tokyo to Osaka. I left Tokyo with the knowledge that, someday soon, I will come back and check out the places I wasn’t able to. Tokyo Disneyland, perhaps. Maybe have a HanaDan moment at Ebisu, or go around Ropponggi. Darn, I haven’t even gone around Shinjuku! And, most importantly, I have to climb Mt. Fuji. THAT is an absolute must. So never a “Sayonara~”, just “See You Again~”.

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South Korea Pt 23: Wrapping Up Busan

It’s been a long series of posts (haha!) but I’ve finally come to the end of my South Korea series. I had to take several (long) breaks in between, but let’s just say that was my way of stalling having to say goodbye to this chapter of my wandering soul, so to speak. (And, oh, Ohayou from Kyoto! We’re seeing CNBLUE live in concert this evening, so this is a fitting post, don’t you think?)

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Ambuklao Adventure III: A Photodiary

One sure sign that you truly enjoyed an experience: you have a hard time letting go of it. I was randomly going through the photos uploaded by others who were with us during the Ambuklao Adventure III last October 24 to 26, and I just knew this deserved a third post, if only to wrap it up. This photodiary will never do justice with the amount of fun we had during this enriching experience, but I hope it shows, even just a little, how much it did.

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South Korea Pt 20: Droppin’ “JAWS” at the Busan Aquarium

There is something to be said about going to a large aquarium: it effectively shoves in your face the reality that there is an entirely different universe under the water that you never knew existed. No, not even if you read about them in books or see them immortalized on celluloid and rendered on film. You realize how there are sooooo many species in this world, and Homo sapiens is ONLY ONE of them. I find that quite humbling.

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