Being Conquered By Mt. Pulag

On my first climb at Mt. Pulag, I overheard one of the journalists gripe about how many who reach the summit go “I conquered Mt. Pulag!”. He said that YOU don’t conquer Mt. Pulag; Mt. Pulag conquers YOU. I agree. How, on God’s green earth, can you expect to ever conquer a mountain, especially the second highest in the Philippines?

After writing that post about Kabayan’s Four Lakes, I suddenly felt the urge to dig through my hard drive for old photos and, what do you know, I still have them! So that spurred me to write this post about my three jaunts up Mt. Pulag.

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6 comments on “Being Conquered By Mt. Pulag

  1. Is there a website of Kabayan Tourism Office to check if there are upcoming organized climbs sponsored by them? Thanks!


    • I don’t think they have an official website. But there are groups on Facebook that announce them. Some people from the tourism office of Kabayan are also active on Facebook regarding their tourism-related activities.

      I would suggest looking up Ms. Ghislynflucio Marave on Facebook, maybe add her as a friend. She’s one of the organizers of the tourism activities of Kabayan.

      Hope that helped.


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