Nagoya, Japan 2014: The Izakaya Experience

The Japanese love to drink, and they love beer and spirits. You cannot help but come to this conclusion when you see it done in most every jdorama you watch, or featured in many CFs and promotional material, or even when you are walking around from early evening until late at night in relatively crowded places and see ladies and gentlemen – still wearing their office attires and toting those business cases – stumbling out of well-lit establishments being all boisterous and, yes, drunk. After-work drinks are a norm, and it doesn’t even matter that it is the middle of the week and they have to go to work the next morning. Last November, after watching the CNBLUE concert, I, Peach, Jas and Slow finally felt hunger pangs and decided to look for a place to eat. We found ourselves wandering around Sakae, in the area filled with many drinking places or, as they call it,¬†izakayas.

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