South Korea Pt 13: Teddy Bear Museum

When I was but a wee kid, I spent most of my time with male cousins so playtime was summed up in four words/phrases: dirt, bruises, toy cars, climbing trees. No dolls, tea sets, or tiaras in sight, and playing dress-up was a foreign concept. As for teddy bears, well… they looked just like any toy made of “rags” to me. As I grew older, however, I finally “deigned to pay attention” to the teddy bear, although I never felt the need to own one. The few I received as presents stayed in an obscure corner of my room, gathering dust, until the son or daughter of a distant cousin or something decides to drop by and I’ll just give them away. (Because, really, these things deserve someone who cares. Or so I’ve been told.)

When a visit to the Teddy Bear Museum was included in our Jeju itinerary, I thought this might be a way for me to have better appreciation for the doll. Did it happen? Well, scroll down and read on.

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