JapanEats: Okonomiyaki Kiraku (Kyoto)

Since our lunch-in-kimonos at Mimikou at around midday, Peach and I haven’t had a bite to eat, and we’ve been wandering all afternoon around Ginkaku-ji, then early evening in the Gion area (looking for a place to eat, incidentally), then bumping into Hazel, She and Jas, and heading off to Kiyomizudera instead. So it is a given that, by the time we parted ways at close to 9pm, the two of us were already starving. So we (yet again) did more walking through streets leading towards our hostel, looking for any open food place. At that moment, we were so hungry even a food stall will do. AND THEN. We came across Kiraku, which turns out to be one of the most recommended okonomiyaki places to eat in Kyoto. HUZZAH, cheered my empty tummy.

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