K-Drama Review: Misaeng (tvN, 2014)

“Misaeng” means “An Incomplete Life”. From the title, you would think this is an angst-filled melodrama. The typical Kdrama. Once in a while, it’s great to be proven wrong. And, in my case, to find a gem of a drama that will be firmly engraved on my virtual wall of “favorite dramas of all time”. In fact, if you are to ask me what Kdrama I would recommend anyone to watch, this would be the first thing I’d lay out on the table, no questions asked.

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2 comments on “K-Drama Review: Misaeng (tvN, 2014)

  1. Hi, Nica here. Your recent lj post led me to your blog and then I saw this post. XD this really looks interesting and what got me also is that it is from tvN. two of my fave kdramas (reply, 1997 and Queen In-Hyeon’s Man) are from tvN, too, which made me think that they really produce quality dramas. So thanks to your post, I now have something new to watch. XD


    • Hello Nica~

      (Oh man, I didn’t know Queen In-hyun’s Man was from tvN! I loved that drama!)

      I am also developing a bias towards tvN dramas so I’m always on the lookout on what they’ll deliver next. Another tvN drama I highly recommend is their rom-com “Marriage Without Dating”.

      Enjoy Misaeng~!!!


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