Spinning Rainbows at cafe & bar Arasick

As much as planning is a very good thing, sometimes having bouts of spontaneity also makes every experience even more special. We weren’t planning on going to the cafe and bar Arasick, primarily because we didn’t know how to get there, not even if we had the address written down somewhere. I keep saying Arashi was instrumental in opening up a lot of doors to wonderful and unforgettable experiences for me since I became a fan more than 9 years ago. I’m so glad that, nine years on, that still holds true.

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11 comments on “Spinning Rainbows at cafe & bar Arasick

  1. Jeffer !!
    I’m so happy to read you again ^_^
    I don’t know if you remember me from LJ, but I’m happy to have logged in today !
    It’s so good to read you, and thank you for sharing your travel experiences !
    I totally lost my self-control when I discovered where Sho was hiding xD
    It could be a good reason to drink a lot, so you can see him several times… but… well, it could be a bit strange too 😀
    I’m also a big fan of Ohno’s performance of Take me Faraway, even if I curse the director’s choices for the DVD :p
    How are you ? I thought a lot about you during 2014, when I heard about some climatic disaster in the area where you live…
    With many many hugs from France,


      Hey, Ginger! Of course I remember you~!!! Thank you for remembering me even if I took myself off LJ. 🙂 I hope to “see” more of you, haha!
      I actually went back to “Sho” 3x that night. And not on purpose. Oh, ok, maybe A LITTLE BIT on purpose.

      I’m good, good. Going around whenever I could. RL’s been tough so I couldn’t fangirl as much as I want to, but I still try here and there. How ’bout youuuuuuu~ I missed hearing from you guys. Thank you for dropping by here. 🙂


    • Unfortunately, we were there already at around 8pm, when it was operating as a Bar, not as a Cafe (that’s for lunchtime to mid-afternoon, I think), so I don’t know about their cafe meal menu and prices. Sorry.


  2. Once I’ve went to Osaka but there’s not enough time for fangirl purpose and search this Arasick bar. (Didn’t even thinking to add this place to itinerary) But now I know what place to add to my Osaka itinerary the next time I go there xD

    Looks like fun, I want to tried this place both as a cafe and a bar. Their cafe menu will probably names after Arashi’s songs too.
    So you paid 3000 yen which has included all drink/s, hmm, a bit pricey for my liking but I will tried it anyway xD


    • As a fangirl, you should definitely try it. We also would’ve wanted to try it as a cafe, but our itinerary was set, and we were leaving for Kyoto the next day, so… maybe next time.

      I agree, I also found it a bit pricey, so you should make sure you are thirsty before going so you can try as many of the drinks as you can (of course this means you’d also be tempted to order some chips and snacks but…. yeah.

      Have fun when you do go there!


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  4. Hi there XDD I’m going to Osaka this Nov and planning to visit Arasick Bar but I don’t know how to get there, I just know the address but can’t find the nearest station. Do you know the nearest station to reach Crystal Tower? Is that Kiyobashi one? And should we make a reservation?
    Thank you


    • Maa~n, haha!
      I wish I could give better directions, too, but, as I mentioned in the post, I was disoriented, and it was a spur-of-the-moment thing, really, so marking directions was not a priority for me. Just… I hope you find it, haha! Be extra observant, I suppose.

      As for the reservation, I think you need to, especially if it’s concert season and the place is sure to be packed. But they were quite lenient and when they saw that there isn’t a crowd yet, they let all four of us in, even if they were only able to accept reservations for two people earlier.


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