Osaka, Japan 2014: Universal Studios Japan (Pt 1)

Back when I was in high school and college, I used to be quite the fanatic when it comes to movies. My cinema-going record never went below “twice-a-month”. There were even times when I do cinema-hopping, which is basically moving to another cinema to catch a movie, right after I finished one. Also, just this Christmas break, I had to regretfully part with two huuuuuuge boxes of movie magazines, dating all the way back from 1998 until around 2008. I don’t know when it somehow toned itself down.

So you could just imagine how much of a treat it was for me when I went to Universal Studios Singapore a couple of years ago, and to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka just over month ago. IT. WAS. AN. ABSOLUTE. BLAST.

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4 comments on “Osaka, Japan 2014: Universal Studios Japan (Pt 1)

  1. Hi Jeffer, ask ko lang. Bukod ba sa entrance may additional fee yung ibang attraction? My friend and I are planning to see the Shingeki no Kyojin attraction sana, I’m wondering if may additional fees pa bukod sa entrance. Thank you sa pagsagot. :))

    And aside sa di na pipila pag nagavail ng Attractions Express Pass, may iba pa bang advantage? How much pag nagavail nun?


    • Hello, neenpeen~

      Hmm. From what I saw, the Studio Pass covers all attractions na, including the Wizarding World. The Shingeki no Kyojin, I think, is also already covered by the Studio Pass. Can’t be 100% sure, though.

      The Express pass just shortens your time to line up. In short, you will still line up pero faster siguro ang movement ng pila. Parang Fast pass ng Disneyland. It is bought separately, so aside from the Studio Pass, you’ll also pay for the Express Pass. Limited lang yata ang binebenta, so it gets sold out first hour of the day pa lang. As for how much, depende kung anong Express Pass bibilhin mo. Check this out:

      Hope that helped, and enjoy!!


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