K-Drama Review: Bad Guys (OCN, 2014)

Earlier in 2014, I confess to having waded back into watching Kdramas via My Love From Another Star. Then I went through several Jdramas and then, while I was looking for something different from what I’ve seen so far especially in Kdramas, my eyes fell on a promotional poster of BAD GUYS, a production of OCN. Cable television in Korea seem to be stepping up their A-game, so now we see worthwhile dramas from production companies other than KBS, SBS and MBC.

And yay for short dramas! That’s what I like about dramas that are only around 10 to 16 episodes. These mid-length dramas have just the right length, IMO. Add more, and there’s a risk of it being dragged on too long, with one or two episodes doing nothing but acting as unnecessary fillers. Short but sweet; that’s a formula that almost always works.

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