“Unsinkable” Tea Experience at Thai Teanic

I love tea. In fact, I love it so much I will take it any way I can. I love it even more than coffee (which, I admit, isn’t saying much, I suppose, considering I am only mildly enamored with coffee, if at all). I love it even more when it comes in different varieties, you know, other than those teabags you snatch off the shelves at the supermarket.

So I was glad when an officemate told me about this tea place that serves Thai tea. It is aptly named THAI TEANIC MILK TEA.

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3 comments on ““Unsinkable” Tea Experience at Thai Teanic

  1. Hello. My name is cherry lee, the owner of Thai teanic milktea store in Porta Vaga Mall. I have read yohr blog about our store and I am very grateful for the nice article you wrote. I am glad that you like our place, our drinks and our services. I promise to create more flavors and more drinks in the near future. You are always welcome to hang out. Pls continue to share your Thai teanic experience to your relatives and friends. We appreciate it so much.


    • Wow, thank you for acknowledging and commenting. I totally didn’t expect that.

      Your shop has become somewhat of a requisite stop whenever I’m in the area.

      Love your teas! Keep it up!! And thank you again!


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