(Non) Summer in Boracay 1: “Morning-scape”

You say “Philippines”, and “beaches” won’t be far behind. And when you lump the two words together, what’s the most common name that comes to mind? Yes. Boracay.

This is another one of those “major throwback” posts which I am blogging about because (1) I had three of the awesomest fangirlfriends for company; (2) I wish it’ll happen again (post-Yale, Jane?); (3) Hey, it IS Boracay; and (4) this is where I discovered that humans and lobsters are separated by merely a few hours in the sun (sans sunblock); and (5) it was HELLA. FUN.

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  1. Hi! The Tabon Port is different from the Caticlan Jetty Port. Tabon is usually used during habagat season. And the Tambisaan Port in Boracay is also different from the Cagban Jetty Port. 🙂


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