Trailblazing Tinglayan 2014 Pt 1: Go West

Trailblaze. v. 1. to blaze a trail through (a forest, wilderness, or the like) for others to follow. 2. to be a pioneer in (a particular subject, technique, etc.)

Weeks ago, the original destination for our Holy Week “vacation” was the Bakun Trio. A little more than a week before the slated hiking dates, the destination changed: it’s to be Tinglayan, Kalinga. Significantly farther than the original plan, and much more “unpredictable”. My pals and I are already getting used to NOT knowing a whole lot of what to expect prior to a hike or an adventure. This one, dubbed “Trailblazing Tinglayan 2014” is completely new territory. We were totally in the dark as to what to expect this time around.

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